Financial Institutions

Vendor Compliance Plus was implemented to assist in eliminating those issues that could have a negative impact on your company, revenue, reputation and to close any gaps leaving you exposed to legal liability in regard to your contracts with repossession company service providers.

Vendors are inspected on an annual basis. We perform comprehensive screenings of current and potential service providers, consisting of an initial onsite inspection.  VCP performs mandatory criminal background check on all the principals and/or owners along with background checks on all employees as an option. Vendor Compliance Plus confirms and monitors the company's insurance and licenses in states required.

  Addition to the following checks:

  • Mandatory criminal background check of all principals or owners and business entities.
  • Optional criminal background check on all company employees.
  • Verification of company licensing if required by the state they operate in.
  • Verification of employee agent certification completion.
  • Verification and monitoring of required insurance and bonding.
  • Monitoring of employees
  • Company bankruptcies and lawsuits background check.
  • Professional on-site office and lot inspections with a compliance inspection checklist.
  • Verification of company set up in the state of operation.
  • Verification of company articles of incorporation.