Vendors Compliance Plus LLC conducts full service compliance inspections for your office and storage facilities. Included with the compliance inspection, our inspectors confirm and photograph all company equipment, the office, storage lot, security system, data security, lighting, and overall condition of the inspected property.

VCP performs mandatory criminal background check on all the principals and/or owners along with background checks on all employees as an option. During our inspection we confirm that all those associated with the company, owners and employees, have valid driver’s licenses to operate any equipment the company owns.

VCP conducts an extensive criminal background check and verification of the business and professional licensing as well as a search for any current or past lawsuits and bankruptcies. Having your clients verified through our extensive vendor compliance service is a part of providing trusted quality service. In keeping with our strict adherence to compliance regulations we are to be named as additional certificate holder on your service providers insurance in order to be notified if coverage should lapse.