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Welcome to Vendor Compliance Plus, LLC. We would like to thank you for making the choice to have your company properly screened to meet lenders requirements. Vendor Compliance Plus will conduct a detailed screening of your company, office / lot locations and employees.

The annual screening fee is $995.00. The annual fee will includes (2) two site inspections and the first three employee criminal background checks. Additional locations will be billed at a rate of $120.00. Additional employee criminal background checks will be billed at a rate of $55.00 per employees. Your fee also includes a free template of the Consumer Dispute Form (CDF) and Complaint Handling Procedures Manual that is now a required manual for all service providers.

By completing the credit card and registration form and starting the vetting process with Vendor Compliance Plus, I hereby authorize and agree to Vendor Compliance Plus charging the credit card entered below the annual screening fee of $795.00. I also agree that Vendor Compliance Plus may charge my credit card for additional services performed not included in the annual screening fee. Those additional services would include:

  • Any company locations above the two included is billed at a rate of $125.00 per location.
  • Additional background checks above the three included is billed at a rate of $55.00 per additional employee.

These additional charges will be calculated and billed upon your Companies completion of data  entry portion of your registration. The initial fee will be charged before the vetting process begins.

Refund/Cancellation Policy:

Vendor Compliance Plus, LLC. Has a three (3) day cancellation policy. If for any reason within the next three (3) days after your initial registration you wish to cancel our service, you may do so by emailing your request to us at  Upon your request, we will completely cancel  your account and your credit card will not be billed.



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